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TCP/UDP Port Numbers


Server: Port(s): Type: Notes:
FTP Server 20 TCP Data
21 TCP Control
SSH Server 22 TCP Secure Shell
Telnet Server 23 TCP  
SMTP Server 25 TCP Mail
DNS Server 53 TCP Name resolving
Web Server 80 TCP  
POP3 Server 110 TCP Mail
NNTP Server 119 TCP News
IDENT Server 113 TCP IRC etc.
IMAP 143 TCP Internet Message Access Protocol
(IMAP) Mail Client
HTTPS 443 TCP Secure Server
Shoutcast Server 8000 TCP  
Application: Port(s): Type: Notes:
AIM _any_ TCP

AOL Instant Messenger

Set to match the port under the AIM Setup/Connection tab.

Appleshare 548 TCP Gaming 116 TCP
118 TCP
6112 UDP
Camarades 2047-2048 TCP-UDP Webcam Site
ICQ 4000




Set ICQ Connection tab:
I'm using a permanent internet connection
I am behind a firewall or proxy
I don't use a SOCK Proxy
Use TCP listen ports 2300-2320
Internet Gaming Zone 28800-29000 TCP This is the port list according to Microsoft.

Also be aware that each particular game uses its own ports that must be mapped.

28800-29000 UDP
6667 TCP
47624 TCP Open this port for DirectX usage
Internet Gaming Zone
CBOS 2.2
Using Wildcard
Wildcard set You will need to adjust the UDP and ICMP timeouts to a value longer (in seconds) than the expected duration of the game.


    set nat timeout udp 3600
    set nat timeout icmp 3600
Laplink Pro 1547 TCP

mIRC 6667-6670 TCP

Ports 1024-5000 are used for file transfers. Mapping 1024-1040 should be more than enough unless you're running a file server. Make sure to tell the mIRC program to use these DCC ports.

You will also need to tell mIRC to use the "Server" as the IP lookup method.

Port 113 (ident) may be required by the IRC server to do reverse source authentication.

Some servers may use other port(s).

7000 TCP
1024-1040 TCP
59 TCP
113 TCP
(CBOS 2.1.0 and above)
1503 TCP Looks like the H323 format won't work with CBOS 2.0.1. Cisco says it works with 2.1.0 and above. Reports are that it dosn't. Other reports are that with CBOS 2.2, Netmeeting 2.1 works but 3.0 doesn't because it uses a newer version of H323.
1720 TCP
1721 TCP
pcAnywhere 5631 TCP Versions 7.52, 8.x and 9.x
5632 UDP
Quicktime 4.x 6970-6999 UDP Set quicktime to use TCP port 554.
554 TCP
RealPlayer G2 7070 UDP Transport settings:
Use specific UDP port 7070
RTSP and PNA - Use HTTP Only

Proxy settings:

HTTP Options - No HTTP Proxy
VNC 5900 TCP

Virtual Network Connection.


NAT the first machine ( to port 5900


NAT the second machine ( to port 5901
5901 TCP
If the VPN you're trying to use is GRE protocol, you should be able to use the following:


set nat ent add 0 47 represents your local IP, 0 allows all ports and 47 is for GRE protocol.

If its not GRE, use this site to help you find the correct number.

Be aware that some VPN software as part of their security, check for a match between the IP numbers on both ends to prevent IP spoofing. Since NAT gives you a different local IP, such software isn't NAT friendly.


If you don't know the port(s) you need to open for a particular application, do a show nat while the application is trying to connect. Take note of any ports routed to both (the router) and your Global IP. These ports may need to be translated.





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