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[1771] Can’t Mount Exchange 2007 Information Store, database

Release date: 11 september 2012 | Author: Ralf Musterd

Using these instructions is on your own responsibility.


Can’t Mount Exchange 2007 Information Store, database


First, run eseutil /mh in the cmd to check your database state:

Change to the C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Bin folder, and then run the eseutil /mh command by using the following syntax:

eseutil /mh "d:\Exchange\Databases\Mailbox store\Mailbox Database.edb"


Presuming that your Exchange installation is on Program files\Microsoft Exchange Server\Bin, mostly on your c-drive and your .edb database locates on d:


Note: Ofcourse you can also use the 'Verify database and transaction log file' option build in the Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant to run eseutil /mh. The Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant can be found in your Exchange managment Console, under Toolbox.


If eseutil /mh reports:

---------State = dirty shutdown


  1. Start de Exchange management Console
  2. Open Toolbox
  3. Open Database Recovery Management: Repair Database. Remember that database defragmentation (part of the repair process) creates a huge temp.edb file, so it needs sufficient free space on your harddisk. By default the temp.edb will be stored in the logfile folder. That’s the partition that needs the 120% of the original database of free space! Wait till you get a 100% repair result. (can take a while)
  4. Check database state again with: eseutil /mh
  5. If the database is still in a dirty shutdown state, then the database seems to be permanently damaged. Looks like you do not got another choice then to restore the database from the last backup.
  6. Restore the Information Store from your back up and run point 1 – 4 again.


--------- State = clean shutdown


  1. If the database is in a clean shutdown then are getting close to the solution. First try to mounted the database store.  If you do not succeed, there could be a logfile problem.

We found the following errors in the Application Event viewer:


Error         11-9-2012 1:11:42            ESE         412         Logging/Recovery

MSExchangeIS (2716) First Storage Group: Unable to read the header of logfile E:\ExchangeLog\E00.log. Error -501.


Mounting the database could results in the following direct error message:


Exchange Database: Fehlercode: MapiExceptionCallFailed: Unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=-501)

  • When the database state in clean (check with eseutil /mh command), but you can’t mount the exchange database and this is the only Exchange database in your environment, then simply move the exchange logfiles (cut + past, please do not delete) to a different folder. Mount the database again and the logfiles will be recreated.



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